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Recently Discovered Modbap...


I'm a synthesizer enthusiast that really likes to listen to lofi chill hip hop beats à la the Lofi Girl YouTube Channel:

In my exploration of everything synthesizer and hip hop beats, I ran into a cool genre of music called Modbap — modular synthesis + boombap hip hop beat techniques.

Here’s an article that I came across which turned me on to it.

Also, here's a cool YouTube video that showcases different Modbap beat makers:

Also, I recently showed Modbap to a friend who became pretty dang enamored with it and created a Spotify playlist:

I am by no means a Modbap expert... I just discovered this genre recently and am starting to get into it.

Anyone else heard of this genre or have any suggestions for artists to listen to? Please drop a comment. 🙌

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Ildi • Edited

Yo @michaeltharrington this is really dope stuff! First time I am hearing the modbap term so thank you for introducing this awesomeness into my life! Right away it reminds me of music from Kaytranada, I know he likes to use a lot of synthesizer sounds for his beats. I am still bumping his 2019 BUBBA album on a weekly basis. Might even see him perform live in Toronto this December (depending on lockdown rules).

One of my favorite producers is Mike Dean. He is constantly experimeting with new sounds and I believe I also heard a lot of snyths on his latest beat tape which I really enjoyed.

I love how much experimentation is going on within hip-hop. It's been that away since the beginning. I've lost track of how many subgenres it has spawned.

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Really happy to hear you dig the modbap!

I will definitely be checking out that Kaytranada album — that's news to me! Appreciate the suggestion. 🙂

I've not heard loads of Mike Dean, but I saw this video of him jamming on the Moog Grandmother synthesizer last year while shopping for synths:

I actually bought myself the Grandmother and this video was totally a contributing factor, haha! 😆

Again, really appreciate the suggestions. I'm gonna listen to all this stuff. 😎

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That video is so ill! Makes you wana make beats 😂 You must be having a blast messing around with the Moog Grandmother synthesizer. A friend of mine owns an Ableton Push, got to play around with it a while back, I was hooked for hours experimenting on that thing!