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Michael • Edited on

Awww yeah, I haven't thought about Jin in ages!! I remember watching that live back in the day on 106 & Park. And because I'm well versed in Forem (I work for them haha!), I'm gonna drop a YouTube video. 🙌

How'd he do that? you may be thinking...

It's as easy as grabbing the id from Youtube and popping it into a liquid tag... so typed like this:

{% youtube GRIX1AcCckY %}

Just know that for now, not all YouTube videos are embedding nicely, so you might occasionally see some videos that can't be embedded. We hope to fix this soon! 🤞

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Ildi Author

That was a quick fix! Thank you @michaeltharrington 🙏 I think it's a good idea for us to create a few tutorials on how to use the important markdown/liquid tags and some of the other cool features that users have available on 1VIBE.

Thinking about battle rap just reminded me of the battles from 8 Mile: