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Where Does Raging In Rap Concerts Go From Here?

In Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage, the rage is primarily placed on Limp Bizkit as the band goes into their staple song, “Break Stuff.” The sequence — from bassist Sam Rivers flipping off the crowd as he walks onstage to fans tearing off pieces of wood (and riding them across the audience) from a nearby sound tower — is meant to convey the moment the festival took a turn for the worse, the nu-metal group propelling the energy of the event into something chaotic and destructive. Attendees interviewed provide necessary context: how festival goers (most of them drunk, unruly, and young white men) were already angry and frustrated for a number of reasons — high temperatures, expensive water, and overflowing portable toilets (which resulted in many attendees being covered in piss and shit). But, ultimately, it’s Limp Bizkit that people point the blame at, as scenes from their performance are meant to imply that it’s their fault the crowd’s rage took a turn for the worse. It’s understandable that Woodstock ’99 has resurfaced amid the tragedy that occurred last weekend at Travis Scott‘s Astroworld in Houston...

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