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The Weeknd - Can’t Feel My Face (Alternate Video)

To celebrate the sixth anniversary of his second studio album, Beauty Behind The Madness, The Weeknd has treated fans to an alternative music video of his big hit record "Can't Feel My Face". I think the never-before seen visual suits Abel's style a bit better than the original, it's much darker, providing that nostalgia that XO fans are always craving. The alternative version was directed by Ricky Saiz.

This week we also got news that The Weeknd will be releasing a docmentary about his Super Bowl halftime show which took place at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. The doc is produced by Showtime and you can watch the official trailer below.

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Lee Wynne

Brilliant, one of my fav videos is actually blinding lights, I like the city lighting, the driving at night - do you know what city that was filmed in?

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Blinding Lights music video is like a short film! Looks like it was shot in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Im also a big fan of The Weeknd's first music video for The Knowing which was directed by Mikael Colombu in 2D JANKYVISION with Nikon 95 cm. film.