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The Shocking Rise of Ghanaian Drill

Drill continues to spread and become a dominating sound you can hear blasting from speakers all around the world. It's incredible to see how quickly new hip-hop subgenres can spread and be adopted by young artists across the globe.

In this episode of Noisey’s global rap series, ‘Gangsta Rap International’, Chuckie finds himself in Ghana exploring the unlikely rise of Ghanaian Drill.

In 2020, a new generation of rappers hailing from the villages of Kumasi, created a sound inspired by Chicago drill and specifically, rapper Pop Smoke. They call it ‘Asakaa’.

These guys are inspired by American culture and rappers, that they sound, dress, talk and act like them. They’ve even changed the name of their city to ‘Kumerica’ in homage to the USA and call themselves ‘Kumericans’. They’ve even made their own flag using the star spangled banner.

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