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The Fader Uncovered: Big Boi

My guest today goes by several names, Daddy Fat Sax, Sir Lucious Left Foot, General Patton. Each one fairly iconic, but let's be honest, none makes us feel as warm and fuzzy inside quite like Big Boi, the name we first knew him by when he burst on the scene as one half of OutKast, one of the most beloved groups in all of musical history... Actually, fuck it. Let's just call it the most beloved group in music history. Sure, The Beatles might cast a much wider net, but we all know some asshole from our high school or middle school or something who used to say, "The Beatles suck, bro." Nobody ever says OutKast sucks. Ever. When you have that exceptional talent to back up the bravest of evolutions from album to album without ever losing your fans, but actually gaining fans, that's how you achieve that God level status. During OutKast's run, they changed the face of rap and pop music. First, by putting the south properly on the map with their brilliant debut, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. That album earned them Best New Artist at the '95 Source Awards in New York City...

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