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Mike Dean Interview: DONDA & Echoplex Live Album

It’s 11:30 a.m. Pacific time, five days after the release of Kanye West’s Donda and on the morning of Mike Dean’s ECHOPLEX (LIVE 2021) visual album hitting Apple Music (the standard audio version is out on all DSPs), and the self-described Synth God is heading out to get a breakfast sandwich. The act of eating breakfast right before noon isn’t too unorthodox; I mean, we’re all guilty of it after sleepless nights. But the reasoning behind Dean’s decision to order his cucumber and mixed-green-infused bite-to-eat a little later than he intended is as surprising as it gets for a 56-year-old mega-producer behind the album that currently sits atop the Billboard charts.

“I was up late looking at memes,” Dean admits during our half-hour-long Zoom call.

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