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Majid Jordan’s ‘Wildest Dreams’ Are Coming True

One month before the release of Majid Jordan’s third album, the duo’s vocalist, Majid Al Maskati, was in Dubai — chasing Swae Lee. “For a year, we were trying to get a hold of Swae, and we couldn’t,” says Al Maskati. He and his Majid Jordan partner Jordan Ullman, were racing against time to secure a contribution from the Rae Sremmurd rapper (who was there to play a show) on their fast-approaching album, Wildest Dreams.

At the time, Al Maskati was visiting family in Bahrain, after two years apart due to the pandemic. “I kissed my mother on the cheek and I said, ‘I know I’m only here for a week, but I have to go find Swae Lee,’” he recalls. Al Maskati hopped on a plane to the United Arab Emirates hotspot, determined to get Swae on “Dancing on a Dream,” the project’s intro track. After three nights of hauling a duffel bag full of recording gear to Swae’s hotel room, Al Maskati secured the verse. “It was the last piece of the puzzle,” he explains.

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