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Keys N Krates - Original Classic (Album)

When you’re one of Canada’s best live remixers and jam bands, have shared stages with the likes of Skrillex, and have been co-signed by dance household names like Diplo and Steve Aoki, how do you possibly take things to the next level? If you’re Keys N Krates, you burrow into a richer musical niche rather than attempt to further broaden that mainstream appeal. Today, the Toronto trio—comprised of drummer Adam Tune, keyboardist David Matisse, and turntablist Jr. Flo—release a new album, Original Classic, that forgoes trendy beat drops and mosh-worthy trap rhythms. This time, they’re focusing on balmy Brazilian melodies, vibrant Bollywood samples, and other such offbeat elements that should endear them to critics and discerning club crowds rather than the average festival goer. And yet, they still want to reach new listeners, and hope their collaborations with a number of talented vocalists will convert anyone disinterested by their earlier instrumental fare...

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