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How UK rap became a multimillion-pound business

ā€œI'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.ā€ - Tupac
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I'm a big fan of UK artists like Wiley, Skepta, Chip, and Dave. There is something special about the British rap scene, it's like the music is supercharged with higher level energy! The continuous rise in popularity of subgenres like grime and drill is truly a testament to the power of hip-hop culture. Rap is eating the world šŸ˜Ž

Like Mist, British rap is now thriving. In 1999 it accounted for 3.6 per cent of all singles purchased in Britain. In 2020 that figure reached 22 per cent. With the British music industry contributing over Ā£5bn to the UK economy, the value of British rap ā€” including grime, drill and a spectrum of artists making music that resembles hip-hop ā€” is soaring.

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Below I've included the latest albums from Dave and Chip for anyone who hasn't given them a spin yet.

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Always got love for UK rap love!

My favourite rapper of all-time is Akala, who is still Grime at heart 20 years on...

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Ildi Author • Edited

Wow Akala is spitting some serious knowledge! Thank you for sharing @ellativity šŸ™Œ soon as I saw Fire in the Booth is one of his top tracks, I had to pull up the YouTube video and the lyrics from Genius. It's incredible how so much of what he is spitting is relevant today, 10 years later!

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He came a long way between FitB 1 and 4:

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Ildi Author

"Iā€™m that rapper, rap about matters that actually matter" šŸ’Æ

So much šŸ”„ in the booth!