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Frat Rap: Hip Hop's Most Hated Subgenre

First impressions are everything. And in hip-hop, your entry into the game can haunt you forever. When it comes to white rappers in hip-hop, the only way for them to be accepted is to differentiate themselves either through their music or personality. Take Eminem for example, his combination of blistering rhymes and showmanship made it easy for audiences to accept him as a unique commodity, while for New York’s El-P, he was such and outsider in both his sound and subject matter that he was undeniable.

In today’s landscape, Post Malone has gotten by on a melodic flow that peers deep into his fan’s soul, while making beer pong and Marlboros into his public image. But where that love of partying is exhibited in his life and live performances, it doesn’t define his music. But long before White Iverson hit airwaves, there was a genre that solely relied on the beer-fuelled experiences of young caucasian males such as Post.. It was known as frat rap and now, you’d be hard pushed to find a movement in hip-hop that was as hated.

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