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Did Drake Just Prove He’s Bigger Than the Beatles?

I know we have to break down the new No. 1 song in America, but first, I’d like to briefly address our new No. 4 song. It’s called “Champagne Poetry,” and it’s the track that opens Certified Lover Boy, the relentlessly hyped new album by Drake. Like several other hits by the rapper who calls himself Champagne Papi, “Champagne Poetry” is built out of samples within samples, like Russian nesting dolls. Its primary inspiration is a 2017 joint, “Navajo,” by “trap jazz” vocalist and producer Masego. “Navajo,” in turn, is built out of a chopped-up sample of a 1971 a cappella recording by German vocal troupe the Singers Unlimited. And the song they were covering 50 years ago is “Michelle,” a francophile ditty written by one Paul McCartney and recorded in 1965 by his … ahem, famous rock foursome. (You can’t miss the sped-up “I love you, I love you, I love you”s that cycle through “Champagne Poetry.”)

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but “Champagne Poetry” is, I submit, a long con. I can’t help but think Drake recorded it as an elaborate ploy to dunk on the Beatles.

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