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Dark Lo & Havoc - Mob Tales

When it comes to underground hip-hop, Dark Lo is a name that consistently surfaces in conversation. My homie John gave me a heads up this morning that Lo was collaborating with Mobb Deep's Havoc. The two rappers will be dropping the collaborative Extreme Measures album on September 24th and have released "Mob Tales" as the first single. Havoc will be handling the production duties for the entire project. Unfortunately Lo will be going away later this month to serve a seven-year prison sentence.

Extreme Measures (Album Tracklist)

  1. “Mob Tales” f/ Havoc
  2. “LostInnocence”
  3. “Zombie Land” f/ Havoc
  4. “Extreme Measures” f/ Styles P
  5. “Greatest Ever”
  6. “Reports”
  7. “Make it Home” f/ Vado
  8. “Force of Life”
  9. “Dirty Work”
  10. “Captivating”
  11. “Strong Minded”

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