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Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak - An Evening With Silk Sonic (Album)

The hype for this album has been unreal all over social media! It's not surprising though, considering that Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak are known to create some very exceptional music. Tonight the duo also known as Silk Sonic have released their debut album, An Evening With Silk Sonic, featuring Thundercat and Bootsy Collins. Im not gona say much more about this one, just press play and enjoy the soul/funk vibes that will instantly transport you back to the 70's.

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I freaking love this album! So happy to see Anderson .Paak continuing to get more recognition. His work here with Bruno is just so damn fun to listen to.

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Ildi • Edited

It's so dope how this collaboration came together organically. I highly recommend watching this recent interview where they talk about how the album was created: