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Belly - See You Next Wednesday (Album)

At 1VIBE we've had the opportunity to follow the career of Canadian rapper Belly since his early days with CP Music Group which he co-founded with his partner Wassim "SAL" Slaiby. When we first started covering the Toronto music scene, CP was the dominant hip-hop and r&b label in Canada. Fastfoward to 2021 and CP has been replaced by XO, which is the label and managment company that is now home to Belly and his good friend/close collaborator The Weeknd.

After releasing his Immigrant album back in 2018, Belly decided to take a break from music, feeling a loss of creativity caused by depression and PTSD. But completely abandoning his passion for creating music wasn't part of the plan. Today the palestinian-born rapper returns with his latest album, See You Next Wednesday, and after giving it a full spin I can safely say that Belly is back to having fun on the mic, spitting flawless bars once again.

“I wanted it to fulfill me again, so I think that the fact that the feeling is back — the nerves and the butterflies — is special because it really feels like my first time putting something out again.” - Belly

Peep the full album below along with a new video for his single Die For It which features Nas and The Weeknd.

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