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Anik Khan - Approved (Album)

Anik Khan is back with his first EP in the 4 years with his upcoming two part EP, Denied // Approved.

"Man, what a ride it’s been. I put out Kites in 2017 and felt on top of the world by the time Big Fax came out. But that entire time I was battling something out of my control — invisibility. My mind, my heart, my legal status in this country — my “alien” number quite literally made me feel like an alien. It made me feel invisible.

4 years of confusion, disappointment, joy, excitement, all of it. I know this might sound dramatic, but let someone take the only thing you understand (music) and tell you that you can’t grow at that one thing you care about. I wanted to give you all a tour or another project in these 4 years — but I literally couldn’t. I was heartbroken.

After months of mindfulness, spirituality and physically training my body to keep above this sea of depression, I’m here to welcome you back. Welcome to my pain, my joy and welcome to my life in this new era." - Anik Khan

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