Frequently Asked Questions

Becoming a member of 1VIBE grants you superpowers 😎 To get you started we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions. Think of this page as a guide to help you navigate and participate in the community.

I don’t know much about hip-hop. Can I still join 1VIBE?

Anyone can join regardless of their level of hip-hop knowledge. All new members are welcome!

What can I post about?

Examples of posts include: news, music, videos, and discussions. Explore our tags page to view the most popular topics/categories people are posting about. Before making a post please do a quick search to avoid creating duplicate discussions.

Can I repost content that has already been posted on 1VIBE?

Reposts are highly discouraged. We want to keep the 1VIBE feed updated with new content. Please consider commenting in the first/original post if you want to add new context or information to a discussion.

I really like anime and metal music. Can I make posts about those on 1VIBE?

You probaly have many passions but we ask that you keep posts on 1VIBE relevant to hip-hop and it's related subgenres. Use your best judgement to decide whether or not posting certain content is appropriate for our community. Please refrain from making posts about irrelevant content as they will be deleted.

Can I post my own music?

Yes! Our community is all about artists showcasing their work and receiving valuable feedback. These are our favorite posts because it gives our members an opportunity to show love and support each other.

Can I post articles that I already published on my own website/blog?

Yes but the content must be your own original work.

I found a download link to Drake’s new album and it hasn't been officially released yet! Should I post it here?

Piracy is not allowed on 1VIBE and all posts containing illegal download/streaming links will be deleted. We encourage you to share and discuss official releases from artists and their record labels.

I heard about this interesting rumor but can’t verify if it’s true yet. Can I still make a post about it?

Rumors, speculation, or false information is prohibited on 1VIBE. We recommend you wait until the information/story has been verified by a credible source before sharing with our community.

How should I format the titles of my posts?

The title of your posts should be easy to understand. We recommend keeping them as short as possible. Use keywords where appropriate to help ensure people can find your posts by search.

Do I have to add tags to each of my posts?

Tags help people find your posts. Think of tags as the topics or categories that best describe your post. On 1VIBE you can add up to 4 comma-separated tags per post. We recommend you add at least 2 tags for each post.

How can I style my posts/comments? What if I want to include YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram embeds in my posts?

On 1VIBE we use a markdown editor to write and format posts. We also support native Liquid tags which are really fun to use for embedding rich content such as Tweets, YouTube videos, Spotify music, Instagram posts etc. To learn how to use the syntax visit our editor guide.